About Us

Promoting Crypto Currency

The website is about selling organic skincare products worldwide and using the crypto currency ethereum as payment gateway. The products in this website are extremely cheap/affordable when compared to the average price of similar products in other merchants. We made it so to encourage the use of ethereum worldwide. As of now we are not after immediate profits, but with hope that all ethereum earned from customers worldwide would increase in value as soon as ethereum get extremely popular as a means of exchange for commodity in the nearest future!

We need this grant to take care of our hardworking personnels and staff for there would be little to no profit during the beginning period of the grant.

It Should be noted that our primary objective of this project is to contribute our part in making ethereum use popular worldwide!.

Nourish and Rejuvenate

Ivy Luxury Skincare products is a Moroccan beauty products company that offers a wide range of skin and hair care products made from natural elements. All the products that we carry are natural and organic-based products. We understand how important using components sourced from nature are. Our products not only help the environment but also help you in nourishing your whole body by moisturizing your body while increasing its hydration and elasticity.

Natural Oil Treatments

We are dedicated to the beauty and wellness of our clients and aim at providing you with the very best. We import all our products directly from Morocco to ensure that you have a healthy and enjoyable experience. Argan Oil and Barbary Fig Seed Oil are two of our main products, known to have miraculous benefits on the skin and hair. All our products are made using ancient manufacturing techniques so that we can always bring you the best of nature.

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Does your skin need exfoliation? Are you having too many bad hair days lately? Our products are made from the best Moroccan beauty oils that contain nutrients give healthy glow and radiance. Order today!