Multi Vitamin Facial Cleanser

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  • THE ULTIMATE “GAME-CHANGER” FOR YOUR SKIN! Are you looking to have more radiance, hydration, glow, and smoothness to your skin? If so, then our deluxe Vitamin C Facewash is going to rock your world! You’ll find this cleanser is the perfect companion to correct and reduce brown sun spots, discoloration, dullness and your run of the mill free radical damage that can come from prolonged sun exposure. Say hello to your healthiest skin!
  • PROVEN GENTLE ANTIAGING CLEANSE TREATMENT – Ivyluxury skincare Vitamine C Facial Cleansers offers the best way for women and men to get advanced triple action cleansing with the purest ingredients to get the ageless look you’re working for, including Coconut Water, oil, and Aloe. These ingredients work together to gently rejuvenate, restore and refine the skin for ultimate radiance, wrinkle-free beauty, and a healthy complexion.
  • RENEWING YOUR BODY’S NATURAL BLEMISH DEFENSE – Our formula works wonders when it comes to cleaning out clogged pores. Also, it reduces active acne including whiteheads and blackheads, tightens scars, and makes for brilliant anti-wrinkle. Our formula was made to repair your skin. It’s a pore minimizer, hyperpigmentation corrector, crow’s feet remover, whitening dark circle and spot reducer. Flat out, it helps remove breakouts and prevents whitehead and blackhead formation
  • BRIGHTENING ACTION TO BALANCE YOUR COMPLEXION – Penetrating deep to deliver results, this product also keeps the skin hydrated using a combo of soothing oils and moisturizers to boost hydration levels in your face, leaving it feeling absolutely clean. Everyone with dry, oily, sensitive or even combination skin types, will find their skin benefits from this advanced formula. This professional grade formula is what your skin has been begging you for!
  • AGE REVERSAL ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS – Natural boosters in this cleanser help to wash away dulling skin cells, fading the appearance of lines, wrinkles or fine blemishes. With nourishing ingredients to provide daily defense, you’ll see youth restored to the skin anywhere on your body in no time.


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